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Vervain flower remedy is made from the flowers of Verbena officinalis which has a long history as a medicinal herb. Of all the Bach Flower Remedy plants we’ve grown from seed Vervain has been the most prolific, growing over-enthusiastically in tray after tray!

vervain flower remedy plantThis over-enthusiasm is the key to how vervain flower remedy is used.  Vervain flower remedy is for people who want to convert others to their ideals and won’t stop until they’ve done so. They try to enthuse others with their passion; often overwork, can’t switch off and subsequently become tense and burnt out.

Vervain flower remedy brings balance so if you find it difficult to switch off, vervain will help you to let go and relax more easily.

We’ve planted it all over the site – partly because we had so much of it and partly because it’s notable for attracting wildlife.


Mustard flower remedy is made from the flowers of the hairy wild mustard (Sinapsis arvensis) also known as Charlock which is very common on the edges of arable fields. It grows prolifically so we’re growing it in a tyre at Offshoots to prevent it from taking over the entire garden. When we were researching how to cultivate it, most of the websites we found talked about how to get rid of it!

Mustard flower remedy is for feelings of depression and deep gloom for no apparent reason. If you feel melancholy, as though there’s a dark cloud hanging over your head, then mustard flower remedy will restore a sunny outlook.

The leaves, stems and seeds have a long history of use as a food source for people, although it’s poisonous to some livestock.

Wild rose (Rosa canina) is well-established at Offshoots; pink blooms wafting their subtle scent on early summer breezes.

Wild rose flower remedy is for when you have no joy in life, feeling apathetic, unmotivated and resigned. Nothing can fire your enthusiasm and you feel indifferent, bored and dissatisfied. It’s for when you find yourself putting things off until tomorrow in the hope you’ll have more enthusiasm then, but the enthusiasm never comes.

Wild rose flower remedy helps you to engage more with life and develop enthusiasm, excitement and vitality.

The flowers develop into rosehips which are full of vitamin C and antioxidants and are used to make syrup, tea and marmalade.

Do you know your Lonicera periclymenum from your Lonicera caprifolium? There are two different kinds of honeysuckle growing at Offshoots: one is just plain Honeysuckle (Lonicera periclymenum) and the other is Perfoliate Honeysuckle (Lonicera caprifolium).

The difference between the two lies in the uppermost pairs of leaves. Honeysuckle has two separate defined leaves whereas Perfoliate Honeysuckle (which is the variety that the Bach Flower Remedy honeysuckle is made from) has uppermost leaves which are fused around the stem making an oval shape.

Can you spot the difference?

Lonicera periclymenum

Lonicera caprifolium

The Bach Flower Remedy honeysuckle is for people who are stuck in the past and find it difficult to move on. They will often romanticise ‘the good old days’ and find it hard to get the most out of life because they regret that things have changed. If you find yourself thinking about the past a lot and don’t expect to experience as much happiness now as you have before, then honeysuckle flower remedy will help you to move on and find more joy in the present.

Fifteen of the Bach Flower Remedies are made from trees and there’s a wonderful contrast between the size of the trees and their often tiny flowers. Most of the Bach Flower Remedy trees are growing at Offshoots and in the surrounding woodland.

Can you spot the tiny red female oak flower in this picture?

Saplings of Bach Flower Remedy trees are being lovingly tended on-site, gifted by Trees by Post, Buckingham Nurseries and Mail Order Trees. Thank you to all the nurseries who donated trees to the project.

Many of the trees are only in flower for a couple of weeks and the flowers are so small that they’re easy to miss. Elm (Ulmus procera) is in flower in March and April in the UK (depending on your location). Watch out for the pink haze on the trees before the flowers are replaced with the pale papery seedheads.

We made elm flower remedy at the start of April following Dr Edward Bach’s instructions for making a remedy by the boiling method. Tiny elm flowers and twigs are boiled up for 30 mins, cooled, filtered and then preserved in brandy to make the Mother Tincture. From this Mother Tincture, 7 drops are taken and further diluted in brandy to make the stock bottles that you will see in health food shops in chemists.

Elm flower remedy is for when you feel overwhelmed; you’ve taken on too much and don’t think you can cope. As elm is taken it helps you to see things in perspective again.

Chestnut bud is in flower at the same time as elm; chestnut bud flower remedy is made from the sticky buds of the Horse Chestnut tree (Aesculus hippocastanum).

Chestnut Bud is the Bach Flower Remedy that aids learning, so it can be used as an aid for studying. It’s also used to help you learn lessons in life so if you find yourself in similar situations (relationships, issues with people etc.) over and over again chestnut bud will help you learn what you need and move on.

Most of us know what holly berries look like but fewer people have seen holly in flower. These waxy little flowers appear between April and June in the UK. The holly trees between the Offshoots site and the car park are tall so most of the flowers are high up among the glossy green leaves.

Holly is the Bach Flower Remedy that treats anger, jealousy, envy, rage and suspicion, which can be difficult patterns for people to see and accept in themselves. However we can all have these feelings from time to time.

Holly flower remedy (Ilex aquifolium) will restore your inner peace if you get easily annoyed, react aggressively to others, feel bad-tempered and frustrated or jealous and distrustful.

We’ve been meeting the Bach Flower Remedy trees growing at Offshoots and the surrounding area, observing how they grow, sharing our impressions of each tree and discussing their uses as Bach Flower Remedies. Come along and meet some of them with us….hornbeam, elm, oak, walnut, beech and sweet chestnut.

Hornbeam flower remedy releases procrastination and brings mental alertness. Very useful if you find it hard to get going in the morning, get tired sitting in front of the computer or feel weary about routine in your life.

Hornbeam (Carpinus betulus) looks muscular and sinewy, almost like a human body. The remedy is made from the lemon-coloured catkins that are full of bright vitality.

Photo credit: Wendy Davison

We’ve been meeting the Bach Flower Remedy trees growing at Offshoots and the surrounding area, observing how they grow, sharing our impressions of each tree and discussing their uses as Bach Flower Remedies. Come along and meet some of them with us….beech, oak, elm, walnut, sweet chestnut and hornbeam.

Beech flower remedy is for when we feel critical or judgemental about anyone who is different from us. It helps us to be more tolerant, accepting and flexible.

Beech (Fagus sylvatica) creaks and groans like someone having a good moan! It has no tolerance for other species growing beside it in the woodland. The flower remedy is made from tiny wiry little flower spikes which can be seen in April- May.

Photo credit: Wendy Davison

We received 15 healthy Star of Bethlehem plants from Poytnzfield Herbs along with Rock Rose plants, Vervain and Centaury seeds. Thank you Poyntzfield!

Star of Bethlehem and Rock Rose are two of the ingredients in the world famous Rescue Remedy® (also known as Revival Remedy™ and 5 Flower Remedy®) which many people rely on in times of stress.

Star of Bethlehem grows happily through grass so we found a little grassy corner to plant them beside the dry stone wall. We wanted to make sure they weren’t trampled unknowingly as they grew, so we decided to use some wood found on site to make a border between the plants and the path. We gave them a good drink of water first after their long journey from Scotland.

Star of Bethlehem is the Bach Flower Remedy for releasing shock and trauma so we certainly didn’t want the plants to suffer the shock of being trodden on every few minutes!

The weeds were dug out from the grass so that the Star of Bethlehem would have room to flourish. Grown from bulbs, these little plants already have a couple of buds waiting to burst into characteristic white stars in May.

Star of Bethlehem flower remedy brings comfort after receiving bad news, suffering bereavement or any other shock or trauma, either recent or long ago.

We’ve been meeting the Bach Flower Remedy trees growing at Offshoots and the surrounding area, observing how they grow, sharing our impressions of each tree and discussing their uses as Bach Flower Remedies. Come along and meet some of them with us…. oak, elm, walnut, sweet chestnut, beech and hornbeam.

Oak flower remedy restores physical energy and strength when you’re exhausted. It’s for people who are normally resilient, strong and hard-working but keep going without resting so become worn out.

Oak (Quercus rober) supports the largest number of species in the woodland. Ancient oaks are among the oldest living beings on earth; solid, protective and strong. The remedy is made from the tiny red female flowers which can be seen in April-May in the UK.

Photo credit: Wendy Davison