These are the seed-trays where we’ve planted seedlings for the Bach Flower Garden. We planted Clematis, Gentian, Mustard, Centaury and Vervain. Can you see any sign of green shoots coming through? They’re in the lean-to on a heated mat getting lots of sunlight through the windows but it doesn’t look like much is happening yet……

Meanwhile outside some of the volunteers have created a new raised bed which is wonderful! This new bed in one of the sunniest spots on-site, just at the entrance and against a South-facing wall. Lime has been added to the soil so that we can grow the plants that prefer calcerous soil. This bed is where we’ll be growing the most delicate plants, along with those that are real sun-worshippers. We’ll be creating a forest garden effect with low ground-covering plants like Centaury, Gentian and Rock Rose, leading up to the taller plants like Agrimony, Chicory, Vervain and Cerato, and finally Clematis and Olive as the tallest level.

We may need to do a site visit to test the pH of the soil at Salthill Quarry where Centaury, Gentian and Agrimony thrive in the wild. Gentian (Gentianella amarella) is a rare little plant and we want to do our best to give it a happy home to live in. We’ve planted one tray of Gentian seeds just to see if it will grow from seed in spring.  In the wild, propagation would happen in autumn so we may need to replicate its natural rhythm for success and try again with the gentian seeds in October.