Local artist Eddie Foster teaches drawing and painting to people who attend Offshoots Permaculture as part of the Target: Wellbeing Programme.

Eddie and flower essence practitioner Jackie Stewart ran a joint workshop combining meditation, Bach Flower Remedies and art on 9th February 2011. Each participant chose a photograph of a Bach Flower Remedy flower to inspire their artwork. We talked about the healing qualities of each flower and how they were relevant to modern life. The photographs were provided by nature photographer Jason Smalley.

Here’s a selection of the group’s artwork. Some of the group have never tried drawing before. Beautiful, don’t you think? We plan to upload images of their finished paintings soon. Watch this space!

This pink flower is Centaury. Centaury flower essence is for people who put other people’s needs before their own. It brings increased willpower and the ability to say no when you need to.

This blue flower is Chicory.  Chicory flower essence is for people who can be possessive and put conditions on their love. Taking this essence helps you to experience unconditional love; a wonderful balm for the heart!

This tree blossom is Sweet Chestnut. Sweet Chestnut flower essence is for the Dark Night of the Soul; deep desolation. Taking this essence shows you the light at the end of the tunnel, reminding you of your own inner light.

This blue flower is Cerato. Cerato flower essence is for people who don’t trust their own intuition, always asking others what they think. As cerato is taken you connect more with your own inner guidance.

This pink flower is Wild Rose. Wild Rose flower essence is for people who feel apathetic and lack interest in life. As wild rose is taken you rediscover your enthusiasm and engage more with life.

This grass is Wild Oat. Wild oat flower essence is for people who lack direction, never quite finding their vocation in life. As wild oat is taken it brings fulfillment and purpose.

This yellow flower is Rock Rose. Rock Rose flower essence is for terror and panic. As rock rose is taken it restores courage and calm.